Fairy Land

One day long ago many fairies lost their wings in a battle against good and evil. The good fairies lost the battle and lost their wings because of it. They were able to keep their magic but now the bad fairies have magic and wings. The bad fairies never had wings before. This gave them the upper-hand. The good fairies knew that had to come up with an idea so they fooled the bad fairies with NCR pads and got their wings back. The good fairies can now use their wings to fly around and help people with their magic. The good fairies were so thrilled that they cried. When a fairy cries another good fairy gets its wings. It was a wonderful day for the good fairies and they couldn’t wait to get home.

Targeted Traffic For Your Website

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Money Does Grow on Trees!

At 84 years old, gardening wasn’t as easy for Betty Fields as it used to be but as a retired teacher she had a lot of time on her hands and her rose garden kept her plenty busy. One day while working up the soil the best she could and sprinkling a little hydrated lime in the flower bed, she her a sound. Standing still she listened intently and heard it again. Just then a bird chirped and looking up at it she saw that it was perched on a bag with what appeared to be money sticking out of it hanging from the tree over her rose bushes. Betty used her rake to pull the bag down to get a better look at it. There was several hundred dollars inside. What an unbelievable sight. Maybe money does grow on trees?