Not Quite Delicious Anymore

There’s a reason people don’t play golf on rainy days. You ever make mud pies as a kid? It was fun. Pour the sand into the tray, pat it down and add water for ridiculous fun. As an adult, however, the fun of playing in the wet sand doesn’t seem quite as attractive.

On the golf course recently with my buddies for a quick nine, it started to rain. At first it was just a quiet, tolerable sprinkle but it didn’t take long for the skies to open up and pour buckets. Running for the golf cart took me through the silica sand bunker and that was a huge mistake. I slipped and fell in the sticky sand and as I tried to escape, the sand sucked my left shoe off. Picking myself up and feeling gross, I stumbled to the cart just as the rain stopped.

I hate golf sometimes.

The Race

It was a warm summer night back in 1970, and I was mature dating a guy who was just wonderful. However, he had one major flaw; he loved red light racing. You know where you stop at a red light, rev your engine, and glance at the car next to you to see if they noticed the challenge. If they take you up on the challenge, they rev their engine.

My date owned a 1963 Chevy Impala, which had two-bucket seats, a console, and an automatic on the floor. I was sitting on the console to be close to him. The light turned green. He punched the gas pedal, and we took off. When it was all over, he turned his head to talk to me and I was not there. The force threw me into the back seat and he was laughing so hard that we had to pull over.

Love at First Sight

She never believed in Love at first sight or soul mates until Joan meet the man of her dreams. She was at the park bench just catching her breathe and doing a few leg stretches. She backed up and accidentally bumped into Max who was riding a bike. He was just a little taller than her, bright blue eyes, physical fit and a brunette. Joan was a bit embarrassed and excused herself for being clumsy.

Joan was looking forward to her morning jog hoping to get another glance at Max. Many weeks followed, Joan and Max began talking about keeping fit. Then one summer day Max asked her out. This was actually a date. Max was picking her up at six o’clock sharp for reservations at one of the fine restaurants downtown. Every time they would see one another fireworks went off. This was three years ago when they had a wedding fireworks display.

Fairy Land

One day long ago many fairies lost their wings in a battle against good and evil. The good fairies lost the battle and lost their wings because of it. They were able to keep their magic but now the bad fairies have magic and wings. The bad fairies never had wings before. This gave them the upper-hand. The good fairies knew that had to come up with an idea so they fooled the bad fairies with NCR pads and got their wings back. The good fairies can now use their wings to fly around and help people with their magic. The good fairies were so thrilled that they cried. When a fairy cries another good fairy gets its wings. It was a wonderful day for the good fairies and they couldn’t wait to get home.